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о различии между ленинизмом, троцкизмом и сталинизмом - Пионер. — ЖЖ
Октябрь 28, 2018
07:56 pm
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о различии между ленинизмом, троцкизмом и сталинизмом

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Date:Октябрь 29, 2018 07:05 pm

Re: Раз восходит, значит - восходит

Вот и оригинал нашелся

The word Yid (/ˈjiːd/; Yiddish: ייִד‎)[clarification needed] is a slang Jewish ethnonym of Yiddish origin. Its usage may be controversial in modern English language. It is not usually considered offensive when pronounced /ˈjiːd/ (rhyming with deed), the way Yiddish speakers say it, though some may deem the word offensive nonetheless. When pronounced /ˈjɪd/ (rhyming with did) by non-Jews, it is commonly intended as a pejorative term. It is used as a derogatory epithet by antisemites along with, and as an alternative to, the English word 'Jew'.[1]
In Yiddish, a polite way to address a fellow Jew whose name one does not know is Reb Yid, meaning "Sir."
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