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Смерть резидента - Пионер. — ЖЖ
Март 24, 2013
08:45 pm
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Смерть резидента

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Date:Март 25, 2013 06:08 am

witness protection program enhanced

he already was on wpp before. Court hearing on the Litvinenko case brought up an issue of Berezovsky testimony.

Looks like he had a deal with Scotland Yard and they provided him with this nice enhancement to his WPP.

This is his retirement.

This way he breaks up with Moscow completely.

It is possible that he reached a separate deal with moscow:

he played along the idiotic Abramovich case, lost money, wrote a fake letter to putin, etc.

Moscow likes that he is dead and this `fact` maintains their bloody reputation without overdoing it in a very vague manner

Litvinenko case is again overshadowed by `Berezovsky death` show,

as before it was not much visible in the dominating light from Abramovich-Berezovsky case

Scotland Yard is proud that they provided important service and showed that they CAN DO IT, not like they lost Litvinenko's life,

so Scotland Yard reputation is back!

Berezovsky is happy to finaly make an exit in circus manner this communist narcissist degenerate freak loves so much

Kabud says: Soctland Yard made a mistake.

this Berezovsky was a communist, working in a `institute for system analysis`

he is an enemy and always will remain an enemy.

Berezovsky may pass to russians details on british witness protection programs.

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