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Март 15, 2013
06:27 pm
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Колониальный патриотизм

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Date:Март 18, 2013 04:03 pm

я потомок древнего козацкого рода

абсолютно чистый ариец не в плане нацизма а в плане маркера ra1a1

один мой родственник был head of state of Ukraine правда еюе в прошлом веке:)

по странным стечениям обстоятельств я и моя семья имели связзи с рядом семей выдающихся лиц 20 века, из лидеров СССР и Китая.

Лично знаком с Кондолизой Райс, Джордежм Шульцем, Майком Макфаулом.


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Date:Март 18, 2013 05:26 pm

я потомок древнего козацкого рода

Печерица. Из переехавших на Кубань. Помните у Гоголя:
"А между тем в народе стали попадаться и степенные, уваженные по заслугам всею Сечью, седые, старые чубы, бывавшие не раз старшинами. Тарас
скоро встретил множество знакомых лиц. Остап и Андрий слышали только
приветствия: "А, это ты, Печерица! Здравствуй, Козолуп!"
Мелочь, а приятно))
Date:Март 18, 2013 05:33 pm

Рад встретить Брата !!!!!!!

Ты процитировал один из самых важных метфизических текстов

это очень сильный синхрон в том числе для меня лично

по поводу ТАРАСА БУЛЬБЫ и Гоголя вообще: тексты эти действуют и сегодня.


ПОзволь процитировать то что я не так давно написал одному из зрителей моего аплоуда на ютюбе


текст из частного письма, но он абсолпютно в тему

Как будто я для Тебя писал

You are obviously a gifted person who felt something unusual in regard to Taras Bulba movie and book.

So I feel a need to explain. Well, may be You KNOW something about it that I dont ?

...Let me try..

we are stepping into the unknown here..so be prepared :)

There are more things regarding Gregory in the movie.

There is a character in the book named Grisha (Gregory)

It seems that the movie makers mixed that character with some features like calling him a Prince...

This book and this movie have some very personal element for me. It is not easy to explain because it is rather unusual or even irrational.

To put it in short , but dont judge me here, regard it as an artistic effort.

It seems that Gogol with his special talents created this book been inspired by the spirits of great Cossack warriors

Some of whom were known to posses magical talents and used them in warfare.


better use Ukrainian wiki - there in the left panel and run it thru google translator- it has more info

Well, it seems that one of THOSE somehow influenced Gogol or Gogol himself was a reincarnation of the warrior-magician

It goes even more into UNKNOWN...

The Grisha character is one of them.

In the book

Grisha fights fearlessly and dies in the fight.

Then Archangels Michael takes him DIRECTLY to our Lord Jesus where he sits to the right hand of Christ

There is more:

Grisha has a friend in the book, name Mosei Shilo

which means ..well Moses You know...and Shilo is a name used for ...Messiah according to Jewish tradition

the book, searchable is here


So Grisha friend is ANOTHER CODE NAME for something realy BIG

The actor who played Grisha in the film had a name Vladimir Irman. There was a general in the russian army who had EXACTLY SAME NAME Vladimir Irman


He was one of the best warriors ever. Fought in something like 10 wars, always in the front lines. Once he surrendered to Japanese just to be TOGETHER with his fellow soldiers captured by the enemy. Managed to escape.

When I read about general Irman i see Grisha from Gogol book: exactly same type.

The actor Irman did another film job: a Brasilian film : Irman was a choreographer in it.

Dancing is another warrior skill. Cossacs love to dance. It is the best exercise for the whole body and spirit.

There is more re Brasilian film...but it is a lot as it is so...

I suspect that a Cossac warrior spirit of some specific person somehow entered in history several times :

he `dictated` to Gogol elements of the book, he `reincarnated` as a general Irman and later he decided to PLAY HIMSELF in the American movie.

General Irman was born in Ukraine, in Kyiv region same as myself. There are more personal connections to this story that I omit here.

May I ask You: what brought You to have interest in this?

Trust me, this interest must have some reason, may be not understood easily.

I realized all of the above fairly recently. In my life- I had many connections to high powered people , some historic figures , like Presidents and alike, through their relatives.

So I tend to try to understand `the unknown` because I have been through very unusual situations and learned that nothing of this kind is a coincidence

Thats the short introduction, dear...

Tell me what You think please..

May be You know more..or FEEL more.

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