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Октябрь 25, 2007
09:48 pm
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Эдипов комплекс блудного путинца

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Date:Октябрь 26, 2007 09:13 am
Извините, не по теме. Пропала девочка. Нужна ваша помощь. Вся информация тут http://solipsistka.livejournal.com/650570.html?nc=2&style=mine
Розыск ведётся уже 3-и сутки. Дай бог, чтобы она просто "хлопнула дверью" и вернётся, но ей всего 16 и могло произойти всякое... Пожалуйста, помогите! Это ведь НАШИ дети. Может у кого-то есть контакты в соответсвенных службах, в печати, на телевидении? Не останьтесь безучастными. Спасибо
Date:Октябрь 26, 2007 11:25 am

Не могло произойти. а произойдет обязательно

Это следствие всей нынешней общественной системы воспитания в РФ, в семье, по ТВ, в школах. Но не думайте, что вы одиноки - в США найдутся многие со схожими проблемами. Не хочу переводить, читайте сами. Общий смысл таков, что разумные и обеспеченные 20-30 летние американцы не хотят иметь детей, особенно девочек, не хотят плодить маскулинизированных стерв и шлюх, мясо для интернет-порносайтов.

"MTV has turned young women into 90-pound whores," a male friend in his late twenties tells me. "Ten years ago, girls demanded you date them. Now at dances strangers are rubbing their breasts against you and beckoning you like animals. They laugh if you mention dating and marriage."

A Greek reader wrote: "Women here are either professional prostitutes or 'amateur prostitutes.' True feminine women are a rare gem. Most girls begin their sexual life at 14 or earlier, and have children only after 30. They complain about men but flee in terror from a decent man or make his life miserable."

Phillip, a British man living in Denmark writes: "Something is very rotten in the State Of Denmark. They have one of the highest divorce rates in Europe. The lowest marriage count. It's all a little like the film `Invasion Of The Body Snatchers`. As if some alien entity has removed all the people and replaced them."

He describes Danish women as "scruffy men. They all have short `manly` haircuts. Almost all wear small `goggly` spectacles. They dress ...`blue collar masculine`. From Top to Toe, almost without exception. And they have the attitudes to match, born out of years of social engineering in what must be the most comprehensive `programming` module on earth, namely, the Danish Education System."

The Illuminati bankers who control the mass media and education systems are programming women not to marry and have children.

Sexual attraction is a function of fertility. After age 35, it is a steep and slippery slope for most, no matter what the media says. Women "of a certain age" have a harder time finding mates. "Independent" women are liable to be alone for more than half their lives.

My Danish correspondent writes that on weekend evenings: "One is immediately confronted by `manlike` predatory `females` mostly in their late 30's or early 40's, but some older. They occupy the clubs and bars. They are lonely, sad creatures; many with extreme psychological problems caused by the identity crisis that stalks this sad little land. Few are remotely feminine, almost none would be described as attractive. They have bad attitudes, they dress badly and they are an indictment on this society."

These women have found the religion of the New World Order: Feminism. They are the modern-day Communist cadre, man-hating mutants, the new face of tyranny. This phenomenon is widespread but particularly bad in Denmark:

"All but all Danish women look the same i.e. like `butch lesbians`. They are everywhere. Not a business or public institution is free of them. It is all but impossible to deal with a man these days. And a pretty woman is `persona non grata`. The `Sisters` are everywhere, and definitely doing it for themselves. Danish men have been relegated to the `minor leagues` in most careers. Schools, Town halls, Hospitals, the Public Sector, Private Sector, you name it, the `women` are everywhere.

Women are in command here. In politics, they are forcing through the NWO agenda without I fear knowing what it is they are doing. In education, androgyny is the name of the game as boys become more `girly` and girls become less so."

In an email, Humberto reflects the desperation of men: "Henry, I no longer want to impregnate any woman. I do not want to have any daughters. I do not want to breed any future Internet porn meat. I do not want to breed any whores on the planet.
Date:Октябрь 26, 2007 11:45 am
Почитафф информацию по ссылке становится понятно, что девочка - "засранка" (цитата), родители тоже видимо не сахар (мать единственно что делает - нервно курит). Деффку последний раз видели с мальчиками в Чертаново, потом видели на электричке, едущей в подмосковный Дмитров (примерно 50 км на север). Иди сама вернется, или уже никто и никогда не найдет (см. милицейские сводки). А мамке бы следовало поменьше курить, что до, что после. ВАШИМИ детьми нужно заниматься ДО того, как они пропадают.
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